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BBS - Basic Business Simulation

BBS- Basic Business Simulation

  • Basic knowledge and skills for businesspersons
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ho-Ren-So (for good communication in organization)

Best Suited For:

  • Managers-to-be/Leaders-to-be
  • Newly hired employees


Participants can learn the basic knowledge and skills which are essential for businesspersons to work in corporate organizations.

Participants can work very seriously with high motivation because they are enthusiastic in vying with competitors.

Participants can experience the customer-oriented approach to sell the products into the market.

Participants can understand the importance of Ho-Ren-So (Hokoku: reporting, Renraku: sharing information, and Sodan: asking an advice) communication methods.

The training course is standardized thanks to the well-designed tools and textbooks.


Marketing Research

Analyzing the customer requests and market trends to make a concept of the products

Business Planning

Deciding the design and selling price of products and making a business plan to earn profit

Making Contract

Filling out the prescribed forms for sales contract by the deadline

Settling an Account

Making financial statements from the results of corporate activities.

Each “company” carries out this process three times.
Through the procedures, each participant can learn the process of corporate activities and the mechanism of profit.
They can also recognize the importance of information analysis and internal/external communication.

International Applications:

We have now Japanese and Korean programs and can translate into English. Customization is available, considering the differences in cultural backgrounds, management styles, etc.

Anyone can run the training courses with the packaged tools and textbooks under the licensing agreement.


This simulation program is modeled on the business process of a bicycle maker. Each group of four to six participants runs a company over the three terms.

Each company fabricates and sells bicycles which can satisfy the needs of market. Each company makes decision on product design, sales price and number of production after collecting information about the product, customer, market and its own company.

1st Term

The objectives of this term are to learn the simulation process and to understand how to make profit.
The products can be sold only if the design and price meet the needs of markets.
The participants are aware of the importance of customer satisfaction for good sales and profit.
They are also getting conscious of the basics of business such as quality, cost and delivery time.

2nd Term

The objectives of this term are to make sure of each role and responsibility and to work cooperatively with better communication.
Each company should design and sell two types of bicycles. They must work more organizationally under well-designed plan because the time for activities is same as that of the 1st term.

3rd Term

The objective of this term is to get better results than the previous terms even though each company should design and sell three types of bicycles.
Each participant can work with high responsibility to fulfill the company’s targets. They can also be aware of the effect of Kaizen process.

After the three terms

After the three terms, each company reviews the results and activities to utilize the leaning practically at one’s own workplace.

The standard program is a two-day course. However, we can customize the program at the customers’ requests.

Message from Participants:

transportation company
“It was very interesting that we have established a company in simulation. I could learn the basic process of corporate activities.”
machinery company
“I think that this type of simulation program is much more meaningful than the lecture-based course.”
machinery company
“I could recognize the basic flow of product making by experiencing the whole process.”
transportation company
“Though there were a lot of things to learn in the two-day course, the instructor has made us understand the main points well as a good facilitator.”
metal products company
“I have devoted myself to the simulation as if I had worked in an actual company.”